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Meet the Team – David Anderson

29 Nov 2019

How long have you worked at Hargreaves Land and can you describe your role within the firm?

Just over 12 months. My role as Group Property Director is to drive the growth of Hargreaves Land through the acquisition and development of new development opportunities as well as the accelerated development of Hargreaves Land’s existing projects.

What have been the biggest changes in the property industry since you started? 

Over the 30 years that I have worked in the property development sector the biggest changes have been the huge increase in the complexity and cost of securing even the most simple and uncontroversial planning permissions. Also the increased specialist requirements of occupiers, with each property sector becoming increasingly bespoke, and frequently spawning sub sectors.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The very wide variety of the work and having the opportunity to meet people involved in such a wide range of different businesses – not just property people.

What has been your favourite project at Hargreaves Land?

My favourite project at Hargreaves Land (and one I’m currently working on) is Unity near Doncaster where we have recently entered into a JV partnership with Waystone Developments. It’s a hugely exciting project with massive potential and I am greatly enjoying working with our JV partners on a project of such regional importance.

What has been your greatest achievement?

Whilst I could have chosen a number of recently delivered projects because of their size or regional impact, I consider a much greater achievement was building a significant sustainable UK-wide development business, which has delivered consistent returns, as well as projects that are considered by the local and regional communities to be of major importance.

Describe your dream holiday

It would have to be snorkelling in the Maldives with the family (it would have been scuba diving but a perforated eardrum put paid to that!)

Name your top 3 albums of all time

Momentary Lapse of Reason – Pink Floyd

Colour of Spring – Talk Talk

This is War – 30 Seconds to Mars