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Plans unveiled for new housing scheme in Halstead, Essex

24 Feb 2018

Hargreaves Land has unveiled its plans for new homes to be built off Fenn Road, Halstead during a public consultation held at Queens Hall on Monday.

The developer is proposing to build the new estate on a derelict area of land which has been allocated for housing by Braintree Council.

There would be 40 homes which would be built to the west of a brook running through the centre of the land. Access to these homes would come via Fenn Road.

Houses to the east of the brook could be allocated as self-build properties, meaning Hargreaves Land would offer plots of land for independent companies or people to purchase and build individual houses on.

Brendan O’Neill of O’Neil Homer, the scheme’s appointed architect, said: “We believe there is an opportunity for self-build. We don’t know what the appetite is but it seems to be something that is taking off.

“There will be a chance to make lots of different developments there rather than having houses with similar designs.”

Contributions to education, infrastructure and open spaces would need be decided if and when planning permission is put forward and agreed. Hargreaves Land insists a percentage of the 40 homes it intends to build would be allocated for affordable housing.

The biggest complication with the site would be its landscape, with the difference between the highest and lowest point of the land standing at ten metres.

Mr O’Neill said: “Sloped sites aren’t a contractor’s favourite because they can be very expensive, but we are confident it can be a success.

“Each side of the site will be different. The brook will be opened up and cleaned and become the centrepiece in some ways.

“We have tried to make the design as sympathetic to the location as possible. It has been drawn up so that when you are approaching Halstead, it will look like the town edge and is something you would expect to see when going between rural and urban land.”

Representatives from Hargreaves Land said the company were keen to get as much feedback as possible and would be making adjustments to the plans based on feedback before they are officially submitted to Braintree Council for planning permission.