Hargreaves Land supports local fundraising initiative for Firefly in Doncaster

Hargreaves Land has made a donation to Stainforth Town Council’s Mayor’s Charity Fund which will go towards fundraising for the Mayor’s chosen charity, Doncaster-based Firefly.

Firefly provides support and free transport to local cancer patients to regional treatment hospitals, using a fantastic team of volunteer drivers. Firefly helps a number of Stainforth residents on a weekly basis and without this service, for some, travel to appointments would simply not be possible. Firefly currently has a fleet of eight vehicles to cope with the ever-increasing requirements.

Firefly is determined to change the journey for cancer patients while raising awareness, particularly amongst young people, to spot the signs before it advances.

Cllr. David Marshall said: “Stainforth Town Council would like to send sincere and heartfelt thanks to Hargreaves Land for the very kind donation towards our Mayor’s Charity fund.

“Our 2021-22 Mayor, Cllr. David Marshall, chose a local charity, Firefly, to fundraise for throughout his Mayoral year and raised a grand total of £2000.00. Firefly is a fabulous charity which provides support to those receiving cancer treatment and are unable to travel to and from hospital appointments.

“The money raised will be used to put towards fuel costs for the fleet of 10 vehicles. With the continuing rise in these costs Firefly are currently spending around £1700.00 per week on fuel alone. The donation you have made will make a considerable difference to those in need, who without Firefly, would struggle to receive the treatment they so desperately require. Once again, thank you for your generosity.”

Andy Johnson, Asset Manager at Hargreaves Land added: “Hargreaves Land is delighted to make a donation to this fantastic charity, which clearly has an important impact on those it supports. As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting local charities we make many donations over the course of the year and it’s always great to see how we can help make a difference.”