Delivering a greener future through renewable energy.

Our portfolio of renewable energy projects is underpinned by the expertise of our talented team and our extensive land holdings, which come together seamlessly to deliver a greener future.

A case in point is Westfield, a 100-acre site in Fife, Scotland, where a new 22MW Energy Recovery Facility, currently under construction, will be completed in 2025.

The plant will utilise over 200,000 tonnes of waste derived fuel, which would have previously been destined for landfill, to generate electricity and heat for high-energy business users, with the remainder feeding into the grid network.

To facilitate the construction of the plant, Hargreaves has invested over £7m in new infrastructure for the site. This has not only allowed for the construction of the plant, but will also open up approximately 40 acres of land for new industrial use. Interest in the site is buoyed by the forthcoming availability of lower-cost power and heat from the Energy Recovery Facility.

Additionally, the site also has consent for an 80-acre 30MW solar farm and associated battery storage and an operational 10MW windfarm, operated by Ventient Energy.

Our renewables portfolio also includes around 3,000 acres of land which is being developed to accommodate a series of new wind farms. We have consented wind farm sites in Scotland at Dalquhandy, Broken Cross and North Kyle which will accommodate a total of 29 turbines, with a combined installed capacity of 131 MW.

Dalquhandy, the first of our wind farm projects, was completed in 2023 with the construction of Broken Cross in South Lanarkshire currently underway and scheduled for completion by the end of 2023.

Furthermore, we hold land where access agreements are in place for other wind farm operators. In total, there are seven such access agreements, of which two are in extant and a further three are due to be taken up by the end of 2023, with the remaining two scheduled to come on stream in 2025.

In total, our wind farm projects have the potential to generate over 700MW of clean electricity.

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