Developing residential areas that people are proud to live in. Where people want to live, work, learn and play.

Putting our vision and placemaking capabilities into practice, we’re proud to create places with real purpose that are harmonious with their surroundings and positively integrate with existing communities.

Working closely with local authorities and utilising our technical teams’ in-house knowledge, experience, and expertise, we focus on supporting future communities.

The depths of our relationships with both regional and national housebuilders across the UK highlight our track record in obtaining planning permissions for both large and small-scale residential and mixed-use schemes.  We invest in infrastructure and deliver fully remediated and serviced residential plots to the open market.

Not afraid of challenge

We don’t shy away from a challenging site, and a large proportion of our development pipeline involves brownfield landholdings.

We know that these sites will accommodate thousands of new homes in the future. This is why our teams continually go above and beyond – unlocking hidden value from the planning process through our extensive experience as master-developer of complex sites of significant regional importance.

We believe development is a long-term partnership between all stakeholders.  We focus on creating a robust strategic vision and invest in the wider requirements of schemes as well as the long-term sustainability of the new communities we help to create.

Whether through promoting green spaces or by providing community health and education facilities, we build long-term vision and expectations into all our projects.

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