Hargreaves Land supports Maltby Town Council Easter Egg Hunt

Hargreaves Land recently provided a donation to the Maltby Town Council Easter Egg Hunt, which proved to be a great initiative for local families.

The Easter Egg Hunt was attended by 90 local children and 21 shops in the town participated in the event. Children went around the local shops collecting clues before heading to the Memorial Hall to receive their Easter egg after ‘cracking’ the word.

A parent who attended the event commented: “Thank you to everyone involved in the Easter Egg Hunt today. My boys enjoyed making their baskets, finding the Easter pictures and collecting the sweet treats (of course). The shop owners were very welcoming and chatty to my boys. Let’s do more of the same! Well done.”

This is one of many community events organised by Maltby Town Council that Hargreaves Land is delighted to have been able to support.

Andrew Johnson, head of asset management at Hargreaves Land said: “Hargreaves Land is pleased to sponsor Maltby Town Council’s recent series of initiatives such as this one, as well as last year’s Christmas Hamper Appeal.  They continue to do great work in the area, promoting community spirit and providing fun-filled events for local families.”